extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities and after-school clubs enable students to interact with new people, develop interpersonal skills and learn from each other.

For improved students’ academic performance, developed communication skill, and social and emotional intelligence, parents are highly encourage and advise parents to sign up their children for at least one club. 

Arndale Academy offers a wide range of programs to keep students stimulated and introduce them to novel concepts and ideas that will build in them interests to explore and learn new things.

The school’s well planned club activities include bead making, young engineers, motivating-activating-and-demonstrating science (MAD Science), cookery, press club, kids’ entrepreneur, coding and robotics, football and other sports clubs. In addition to that, there are activities that lay emphasis on physical development like swimming, taekwondo, and hip hop and ballet dance.

Arndale Academy also organizes educative and fun based class excursions to places of interest in order to expose students to new ideas and concepts and improve their thinking abilities. This helps students get firsthand practical experience on what was taught in the classroom. 



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