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At Arndale Academy, students are placed in classes based on their age, academic performance, and parental discretion. 


The management has implemented advanced measures to ensure that the admission process is equitable for all individuals. These measures are designed to provide a fair and transparent process that takes into account each student’s unique circumstances. 


At Arndale Academy, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education, and our admission process is an important part of that commitment.

  • Creche

    Our crèche provides safe, serene and friendly environment with high quality of child care. With demonstrative educational curriculum, our kids are taught key character values such as respect and self-control which instills in them positive attitude at an early life.

  • Special Needs

  • Early Years

    Early years classes run from Pre – Nursery to Reception class where the child is gradually assimilated into formal educational system. As this stage we guide and establish a solid foundation in exploring and learning about environment materials, language development, relationships and build their confidence.

  • Primary

    Our primary school system is the stage which we offer our pupils basic opportunities for learning irrespective of their age, gender, country, background, religion and so on. We nurture them to achieve and develop a balanced cognitive, emotional, spiritual and psychomotor skills that will shape them into responsible individuals with great initiatives and creativity.

  • High School


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