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arndale academy



Our Mission

Dedicated to providing high-quality, all-encompassing teaching and care in a safe, stimulating and innovative environment for life-long learning and development.


Our Vision

To provide students with the highest quality education to actualize their potential.



Early Years

18 months – 5 years

In a warm and exciting setting, our Early Years program fosters a lifetime love of learning. Here, under the direction of our committed educators, young learners embark on their educational path with excitement and curiosity.

Primary School

6 years – 10 years

Our lively and interesting curriculum encourages creativity, academic success, and a strong feeling of community. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests and build a solid academic and life skills foundation.

Secondary School​

11 years – 16 years

With a demanding and varied curriculum, the students are ready for success in the global economy. Students are prepared for success in the IGCSEs and beyond by the knowledge, skills, competencies, and values they acquire during these vital years.

Thinking about enrolling your child?

Graduates from Arndale Academy are poised for acceptance into the world’s leading schools in the US, UK, Canada, Europe and Nigeria. Fully prepared to excel in foundation degree programs and make significant strides at top universities globally.

Leveraging on Excellence, Dedicated to Excellence

Discover the universe of potential that awaits you at Arndale Academy. Where every learner is appreciated, every accomplishment is acknowledged, and every kid is prepared for a bright and successful future. Please join us on this wonderful journey.

Simply said, we put every child's safety and happiness first in all we do.

We are dedicated to safeguarding and advocating for the well-being of children. Our goal is to provide superior pastoral care that instills a sense of independence, self-reliance, and confidence in our students and staff, with mutual trust and respect serving as the main guiding principle, and to promote good citizenship.

our parents' feedback
Mr. Ibrahim Abdulmalik A very commendable study pattern and all inclusive learning programme by the school, enough to make any child an all-rounder. Good work from the monitoring and continuous guidance by the class teacher as well.


Mrs. Laila Umar The addition of a merit and demerit system is a good innovation


Mr. Sahobor Bassey I am comfortable with the school atmosphere and learning conditions.


Mrs. Esther Tunis I observed that my daughter has improved academically


Mrs. Abba I observed that my daughter is doing well, academically and socially


Mr. Mustapha Abdul-Maliki My son Al-Amin has improved greatly. I must commend the school for this achievement.