student enrolment

This guidance is intended to clarify the application and enrolment process and enlighten parents about the available options at the academy. Applicants are welcome to make an appointment or visit the academy at any time to speak to a representative. This provides the family and the student an opportunity to discuss their interests and their academic and personal aspirations. The application process can start at any time during the year.  
1. Placement

From  Primary 1 upwards, candidates will be given a placement test in Math, English, Science, and General Studies.  All applicants are interviewed to determine language proficiency and allow us to place the student in the appropriate section. The parents will also be interviewed to learn about the child’s academic, emotional, and social development. The parents will be informed about the results within a few days of the placement test/interview. 

2. Provisional Acceptance

When a family is applying from a different state within Nigeria or from abroad, a provisional acceptance can be made based on school reports. To gain final approval, students must attend an interview and sit a placement test.

3. Documents Required for Registration

For all students registering with the school, the following is required:

  • A completed AA Student Admission Form
  • A completed AA Health Form, in addition to the Immunization Certificate
  • Transcripts – Reports of academic work and conduct from the previous school for the past three years (including present year)
  • Student’s birth certificate and copy of parent’s ID
  • A non-refundable admission form fee to cover the costs of processing the application (see fees information)
  • For non-Nigerian students, photocopy of passport.

4. Boarders

Boarding students must present proof of current medical insurance (submitted prior to admission). The academy will arrange insurance for boarders without health coverage and charge the parents for it.

Further information is available from the Registrar.

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