reasons to join arndale academy

reasons to join aa

You are unique and we offer you a wide range of opportunities to thrive, not only in academics but also in athletics, arts, leadership, and civic engagement.

We encourage students to cultivate intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, as well as to attain academic excellence and become life-long learners.

We embrace the principles and values of respect, equality, tolerance, justice, and peaceful conflict resolution.

You will feel a sense of belonging and find friends in our welcoming, helpful and diverse community.

In our well-established boarding section for boys and girls, you will feel a family-like environment and be part of a warm and caring atmosphere.

You will adore our stunning campus which is surrounded by nature, clean air, and a calm and peaceful neighborhood.

Being an educative non-profit organization, we keep our tuition costs low and affordable to draw students from all socioeconomic strata.

We base our Curriculum on the Nigerian and English Cambridge frameworks to meet the needs of international education.

We practice education with a blended hands-on STEAM and UCMAS approach to


Plot 647 Cadastral Zone C01, Karmo District, Abuja



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