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The High School section at Arndale Academy is comprised of grades 7 to 12.

At AA we strive to educate the whole of the person. In addition to a well-constructed
curriculum and a highly professional standard of teaching, we develop our
students’ talents and we monitor their social well-being and academic progress.

All courses are offered to help students develop their abilities, and we believe in the
need for extra-curricular activities which help our students express their own
personalities and learn more about freedom and responsibility.

In addition to the regular academic classes, all students are offered extra-curricular activities
within their schedule and after-school activities. Students have the options to
choose from any of the clubs: soccer, basketball, coding, and robotics, table
tennis and swimming..


We emphasize the great importance of service to the school, the surrounding community, and
to society at large. Active community service is central to the Academy’s
educational philosophy. Students make valuable contributions to their
community, even as they gain practical experience. These contributions are an
important element in the development of good citizenship and civic

We have effectively introduced the two major curriculums, the Nigerian Curriculum and
the British Curriculum. We want to sets clear learning objectives in all
subjects and focus on developing knowledge and skills in core subjects to form
an excellent foundation for future study.


The Academy has also administered the STEAM based curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering,
Arts and Mathematics) to help ensure that our students’ education emphasizes on
applying scientific skills, learning technology production skills and design
thinking. We want to bridge the gap between the classroom and real life with
the new approaches to teaching and learning where all the subjects have become
more integrated. 


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