primary section


The Primary section has six grade levels: Primary 1 through Primary 6.

Our goal in the Primary section is to provide a child-centered environment that will foster each child’s development of self-esteem and self-reliance. Students learn about the wider world in a child-centered environment where hand-on activities are part of each subject.

We reinforce the values of individuality, tolerance, peaceful resolution and respect for ourselves and for others.

Social development is of great importance for Primary students.  Activities such as mathematics contests,
social studies contests, Academic fairs and celebrations of holidays allow
students to focus their interests and energies. They develop their self-confidence
by learning how to research and do projects on various subjects, and then by
presenting them in front of an audience.



There is a wealth of activities provided for our students.
They may join any club activity of their choice such as dancing,  basketball, karate, swimming, football, table
tennis and young reader’s club. 



In the Primary section, we have effectively introduced the two major curriculums, the Nigerian Curriculum and the British Curriculum. We want to set clear learning objectives in all subjects and focus on developing knowledge and skills in core subjects to form an excellent foundation for future study.


The Academy has also administered the STEAM based curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) to help ensure that our students’ education emphasizes applying scientific skills, learning technology production skills, and design thinking. We want to bridge the gap between the classroom and real life with new approaches to teaching and learning where all the subjects have become more integrated. 


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