early years

The early years section cares for students in:

Play Class (age 2-3)

Nursery (age 3-4)

Reception (age 4-5)


Our primary focus in the early year’s section is to provide a positive learning environment that enhances our students’ learning abilities and lays down a solid foundation for holistic learning. A supportive and positive experience in early childhood education is the foundation for building a positive attitude towards learning, developing life-long learners who contribute meaningfully to society, and encouraging higher levels of performance.


We aim to develop our students’ well-being socially, emotionally, academically, and intellectually using differentiated techniques to reach all students according to their different needs. 

Our themes and activities are carefully selected and prepared to encourage independence and self-confidence and to make learning valuable.


The school day begins with a Morning Assembly, a time to share and discuss. This helps build confidence and encourages self-expression. 


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